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2020 Graduate to join the Park Lane staff

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Podcast with Erik Čekan


As a CAS project for the IB Diploma program, three Y13 students with the idea of producing a podcast that would raise awareness of certain local and global issues and promote organisations that are helping to solve these matters. The main aim is to produce an entertaining podcast as well as it is thoughtful and globally engaging. Listen to the podcast here, featuring Erik Čekan, a 2020 Park Lane graduate ."

"Amidst the pandemic mayhem of 2020, I have somehow been lucky enough to be gifted with the opportunity to be welcomed, yet again, to the industrious community of Park Lane, this time working alongside their sterling staff. Though I have limited professional and scholarly expertise, I’ve endured the full rigour of the IB programme and as such, I hope to share all my insights and learnings from my academic journey with the current students."

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