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Learn more about our 2020 graduates

Personal Stories

Liam Moeller

“Now that I have begun my university studies and I’m being flooded with work, I have to admit that my 7 years at Park Lane have prepared me well for it all. When I first joined the school, I was definitely not what you call ‘academically gifted’ and my dyslexia didn’t help the situation either. However, with the help of the school and some great teachers over the years, I built a strong work ethic that has enabled me to achieve grades that I never would have expected 7 years ago. Granted I was lucky enough to get my IB grades without ever seeing the test paper, my time at Parklane and experience during the IB is what really mattered. It has helped me tremendously in adapting to my new uni life. Along with that, I had the pleasure of meeting the most amazing group of friends that I expect to keep for years to come — unless Shunyata becomes a cult leader and I never see him again. Nevertheless, I will always look back at my time at Parklane with joy and I’m very grateful for that.”

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