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Class of 2020

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Viktorie Hanausková

Shares her google docs with ⅕ of the class

Chewing gum supplier

Karolína Kubičková

Finishes an essay on the day it was set

Actually really smart

Max Bébr

Incapable of breathing and blinking at the same time

“Kde je Shany?”

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Honza Vacek


Big Friendly Giant

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Mariana Ahmadová

Does not hand in anything on time yet manages to get straight 7s

Always. Eats. Anything.

Danil Reshtovaniuk

Fat oaf

Everyone’s free photographer.

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Terezie Kozáková

Everybody's favourite grandma

Sweet but deadly

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Plays basketball, can’t throw a banana peel into the trash from a meter away though

“Nooooo dej si.”

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Františka Kolářová

Types on her computer like a typewriter (absolutely demolishes every single key when writing)

“Kde je Max?”

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Filip Lamáček


“Hej proč zase já?”

Honza Kelar

I’m the bald guy (duh).

Motorbikes, Snowboarding, Beer

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Filip Havránek

Will use matches to set the school on fire in biology class

“It’s possible... but is it probable?”

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Magdalena Novotná

The secret chewing gum supplier

"Oops, I forgot"

Leonela Nikollaj

Substitute Psychology teacher

"Everyone shut up and work"

Anastasia Chernousova

Scary, because short people are closer to hell

Snakes are adorable

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Benjamin Jetton

Slams the table and yells, “HEY!” as if his name was Karen and he wanted to talk to the manager

Friendly Rage Machine

Shreyas Chhabra

Central source of knowledge on the holocaust

“Someone help me…”

Liam Moeller

Edgy jokes supplier, but actually really sweet

Allergic to milk

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Patrik Samčenko

The only silicon based life-form in the class

Shorts in winter

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Maia Espinosa

Will always see her holding a large latte and a salami baguette

“Did you know I’m actually a quarter … *insert any random country*”

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Tom Johnson

Will sing ‘Wonderwall’ even if no one asked

Kde je Tomáš?


Emma Novaková

Attempts to convert people to her caffeine religion


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Shunyata Lysenko

Can draw a map of the world from memory

History, Politics, Hair

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Irina Pishchikova

Quiet but very funny and always kind

Real life Rapunzel

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Adela Kodl

Always shouts “Good morning!” during registration

Big boss lady

Caroline Barnettová

Will ask you for your food but hesitate to give food

Such a HufflePuff

David Dana

Class Clown (but the unfunny, creepy kind)

“Did I mention I wanna be a pilot?”

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Paul Popovich

Taste-tester of chemistry experiments

Constantly correcting teachers

Matěj Rosický

Mr. Barest minimum of work (chose the easiest subjects so he can wing it)

Sloth, Greed and Gluttony

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Isaac McGuinness

Florida man gets high on cough syrup, steals school lunches, creates mass panic.

“Já nejsem felák.”

Get in Touch
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Alexandre van Gansen

Hosts 80% of all parties.

“I want a burrito.”

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Michaela Mislerová

A professional at remembering awkward speeches made by beauty pageant competitor

“Tejk it izy.”

Erik Čekan

American ginger, ethnically ambiguous

“Bro, I swear.”

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