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Anastasia Chernousova

“2020 is definitely a year to remember. Not only did we pass our IB programme without

any exams, but we also lived through history. I attended Parklane only for two years. They were not special or different from any other years of my life. However, I managed to meet a number of incredible and fascinating people. Some, I am excited to see become famous in the future and others I am proud to call my closest friends. I got into the university of my dreams, however, due to the global pandemic, I was not able to move to the abroad destination. Was I sad about it? Definitely! On the other hand, this circumstance or rather opportunity has allowed me to discover myself. It also has allowed me to relax, realize what are my real values in life and what I truly want to do in the future. I finally have more time to dedicate to my passion for singing and art. I’ve also had a lovely opportunity to model for a small vintage fashion shop. Truly, I am the happiest I have ever been and hope to grow only happier – wherever I will be in life.”

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