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David Dana

“I'm David. I am studying to be a professional pilot at the Czech Technical University (ČVUT). By the end of my three-year bachelor degree program, I should have 270 hours of flight time and become one of the youngest people in the Czech Republic to obtain an ATPL (Air Transport Pilot License). In a class of 24 other pupils sharing a profound passion for aviation, my peers and I have already become a family. This bond I’ve established with the students is even more impressive when you know we haven't met each other in person. All my classes have been online and will most likely be for another six months. Park Lane has shaped me into a resilient student, not by telling me, but by showing me. This personal quality has allowed me to power through the drawbacks of current distance learning. The reason I am studying at my desired school today is because of the staff at Park Lane who worked hard to get my IB diploma translated (into Maturita) in-time to be accepted into ČVUT. Since my first day at Park Lane (end of Year 6), they have taken my education seriously, even when I didn't. The 'Five Rs' represent the school, staff, and students of Park Lane and has made adapting into university easy.”.

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