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Paul Popovich

“Hi, I am Paul Popovich and I graduated from Parklane in 2020. I currently study Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, which is among the top few universities in the world regarding the quality of this course. When I graduate from university, I not only hope but am very likely to take up a career in pharmaceutical manufacture or sustainable energy development. I owe much of my place at this university, as well as my career prospects, to my time at Park Lane. I’ve been a part of Park Lane since 2013 and if there is one thing I recall from the 7 years I studied there, it’s that my success was always their priority. Not only did they put my juvenile mind on course to think about what I wanted to do with my life, but they guided me every step of the way, not just as an institution, but on a human level as well. Something I will always look back at fondly is the way all teachers and staff cared about us as people and in some cases worked to literal exhaustion to help us when we needed it most.”

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