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Michaela Mislerova

“I only joined Park Lane for the International Baccalaureate programme that the school offers, however, I must say that those two years have definitely been the most beneficial and fascinating for me in terms of my secondary education. Not only did I feel like the teachers truly pushed me to discover my potential, they also helped me decipher my interests to narrow down what I enjoyed the most and would want to study at university. What shocked me the most at this school were my classmates, who were very different to any other collective I had experienced before, and I mean that in a very good way. All the students and teachers made me feel included and valued— that still remains my favourite thing about Park Lane. Currently, I am studying ‘Strategy, Intelligence and Security’ at my dream school, Aberystwyth University, in a lovely town at the coast of Wales. Although COVID-19 has made ‘the university experience’ different for all students this year, I am definitely at a very happy point in my life.”

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