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Jason Wang

"Hey there, I’m Jason Wang from the class of 2021! After a rocky two years of IB and a further twelve at Park Lane, I’ll be attending the University of Toronto at St. George with a prospective double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. Throughout my time at Park Lane, I’ve seen the school go from a single small building tucked away in Prague 5 to a reputable establishment with campuses across the city. Alongside a few others, I’ve truly grown up at Park Lane and, if there’s one thing that I can take away from my time here, it’s a love of learning. As corny as that sounds, it’s true – my teachers have helped shape me into a more curious, knowledgeable and resourceful person, something that I am eternally grateful for as it serves for the foundation of my transition to university and probably beyond as well. While the journey hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, I’ll always look back fondly to my time at Park Lane. Thank you to all my teachers and the school as a whole for helping to make me who I am today."

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