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Jessica Stogel

"For some time, I was undecided about what I wanted to be when I graduated. In a funny way, the pandemic helped me realize that I wanted to go into healthcare. Therefore, next year, I will be starting the paramedic science program (zdravotnické záchranářství) at the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT). My time at Park Lane taught me everything I needed to know to successfully pass IGCSE and IB, and I know that all of that will be greatly useful in the rest of my academic career. Granted, my future studies will be in Czech, but the lessons that this school and, most importantly, the teachers have taught me are not restricted to a certain language. They taught me that believing in myself and understanding  that I already possess everything I need in order to achieve my goals is crucial. In the future, I hope to continue being respectful, resilient, resourceful, responsible, and a risk-taker. After all, I will always be a Park Lane learner :)"

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