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Adéla Karlová

"I joined Park Lane four years ago after spending nine years in a Czech primary school. Although switching to a completely different system was challenging at the start, I will forever be grateful for this experience. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme was demanding and very often incredibly exhausting, nevertheless, it taught me discipline, resilience and how to work effectively under pressure. Moreover, Park Lane has given me a tremendous amount of possibilities to self-actualize and work on my own projects. I hope to utilise all the skills and habits that Park Lane gave me during my university studies. Although it is still in the stars where my final university destination will be, I am planning on studying Business Management at undergraduate level. If I would have to point out one thing that I will remember the most from my high school years, it is how much my teachers cared about my success and how much they pushed me to reach my full potential."

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