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Marek Hroch

"Looking back at my 7 years at Park Lane, I really have transformed both as a student and a person. I remember my first year at this school back in Year 7 with Mr. Ferguson as our form tutor. Suddenly, I had to adapt to a lot of responsibilities as a student and I really had a hard time doing that; I believe I only managed to turn in two homework assignments in time throughout the entire year and ran into a lot of trouble with my amazing group of friends in class. It was not easy but year after year I became just a bit more responsible, competent and mature. This progress I felt continuously - I was slowly starting to realize how Park Lane is shaping me into who I am today and how deeply it is influencing the way I behave, speak and see the world. I made life-lasting memories, priceless relationships, experienced a spectrum of feelings and learned countless lessons throughout my studies. I am grateful to my parents, teachers and everyone involved for providing me with this rare form of education."

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